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Encountering God Through Cancer:

a personal testimony

When Jennifer Yeo was diagnosed with cancer of the sinus, a rare and deadly cancer that only affects one in 5 million people, it led her to encounter God even more deeply. Asking God to let her know if indeed, it was time for her to die at the relatively young age of 59 led Jennifer to see Jesus in the family and friends who were there for her.

Deeper than that, in asking God to grant her an extension of her life, Jennifer came to the realisation that all it took was being able to tell God what it was she wanted, and to have “101 per cent” faith.  But faith is a gift from God, so as Jennifer discovers, she has to ask for it.

By prayer and fasting, and feeding her spirit with His words, Jennifer comes to the epiphany that the purpose of her extended life (and indeed of all our lives) is to think of all good things. To give her Creator praise, enjoy her life in close communication with Him, and to simply take all her troubles to Him, with thanksgiving in her heart.

Accompanied by beautiful Scripture verses that God led her to at various times of her life, Jennifer walks us through her deep and loving encounters with the God who formed her because He so loved her. And how she, and each and everyone of us, can do justice to His great gift of us by giving Him praise and thanksgiving, keeping Him in close communication, and simply being happy and enjoying our life.

Part 1 – The diagnosis of a tumour in her sinus cavities leads Jennifer Yeo to a deeper encounter with God

Part 2 – As Jennifer battles a deadly cancer, she realises that there was no place for spiritual rebellion in her soul

Part 3 – Jennifer realises the need to worship the Lord “in spirit and in truth” even in the midst of suffering

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