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Sima Aktar
Aug 01, 2022
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With the development of the Internet, overseas marketing and promotion companies have received more and more attention and attention from foreign trade companies. Then, there are so many promotion companies and so many ways to promote them. The complicated things make many foreign trade companies start to turn to overseas marketing and promotion companies for help. , but the settlement cost is prohibitive, but in fact their email list marketing methods are not complicated. This article starts from the perspective of marketing methods to provide practical reference for the vast number of overseas enterprises with limited budgets, so as to make scientific investment promotion decisions. 1. Classification of social media platforms of overseas marketing and promotion companies Social media marketing has become a very mainstream way of marketing customers, and it is also a way with the highest return on investment in mining new customers. It only needs to operate more on weekdays Social media platform accounts, and for a period of time, once the traffic is established, the marketing effect will become more and more amazing. Mainstream overseas social platform companies include Linkedin, Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. Taking Linkedin as an example, LinkedIn currently has 600 million users worldwide, making it the workplace social platform with the largest number of users in the world. , there are many well-known headhunters, large companies, etc., there are also many corporate directors and executives waiting for talents and business opportunities. Using this platform for marketing and promotion will greatly improve the business effect.
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Sima Aktar

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