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Sourav kumar
Jul 13, 2022
In Self Help Forum
Importance they give to their own health, in Phone Number List general the answers register a high value. But we have stopped conjugating the verb «care» in the plural to conceive it only in the singular. In a similar way to what has been registered in other areas, in Latin America, people, either by adaptation or by preference, have sought to guarantee their health Phone Number List care through individual rather than collective responses. That “individual exit”, which Albert O. Hirschman identified so well, has been operated with the intensity of a great migratory movement in the Phone Number List health sector in Latin America during the last 30 years. In the social strata with greater resources, the Phone Number List individual way out consisted of contracting prepaid insurance that minimizes the restrictions on access to benefits. In the middle sectors, and whenever the system allowed it, it was sought to complement the contributions and salary contributions with voluntary Phone Number List payments to achieve an upgrade in coverage. And when that was not possible, they resorted to doubling and even tripling the coverage, combining the use of different protections. In the lower-income social strata, these individual solutions involved drawing Phone Number List health "corridors", generally from the periphery to the center. Bypassing jurisdictions in search of more Phone Number List decisive medical services. On occasion, informal contacts have also been sought to facilitate access to shifts with specialists, given that a large part of the public health services in the region still operate without scheduled shifts and patients who seek consultation must go at dawn and face long lines. several hours to receive care. The appearance of covid-19 demonstrated, however, that individual solutions are Phone Number List not enough to face pandemics. And the situation began to change. Even among the most fundamentalist preachers of the market, a sustained demand for a "State that takes care of us" began to become visible. warned of this change early on, noting the appearance of a “ transitional health Phone Number List Leviathan with two faces ”: the first, which advocates intervention in the social sphere, and the second, which proclaims a state.
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Sourav kumar

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